Okay but y'all can't tell me that Charlie Heaton from Stranger Things doesn't look like Harry Styles and Dwight Schrute had a love child. pic.twitter.com/KB3iEuXLMS

— Mads (@Maddiemotaa) 29. Oktober 2017

if Harry Styles and Evan Peters had a baby it'd be Charlie Heaton pic.twitter.com/y7pP86JohO

— (@bwitits) 31. Oktober 2017

From the side profile, Charlie Heaton looks like Harry Styles pic.twitter.com/S3ww2M1AUl

— FaceClaim Spooks (@FaceClaim) 24. Oktober 2017

Why does Charlie Heaton look like an under slept, over-worked, too many One Direction concerts Harry styles??? pic.twitter.com/dWu6yq1iNo

— Isabel Tripoli (@IsabelTripoli) 31. Oktober 2017

Theory : Charlie Heaton is Harry Styles brother pic.twitter.com/trDYfOGHIG

— Nolwenn (@Nonoolwenn) 28. Oktober 2017